Build Season 2018: Week 1

2018 build season is kicking off with prototypes and blueprints to meet the new challenges brought by the new game First Powerup.

Build Season 2018: Week 2

As week 2 of Build Season passes, progress on the 2018 robot is beginning to materialize.

Build Season 2018: Week 3

The situation is starting to heat up as the team delves deeper and deeper into the build season!

Build Season 2018: Week 4

Alongside the team entering the storm of build season with high spirits, the autonomous mode on our robot has been completed!

Build Season 2018: Week 5

Alongside build season reaching it's climax, the selection for the Competition Season's individual roles have been made!

Build Season 2018: Week 6

After many trials and tribulations, the team bears fruit as we have now transferred our code onto this season's robot!

Build Season 2018: BAG DAY

And so concludes the arduous build season our team has faced these past few weeks! With our bagged robot ready as ever, our team is pumped to start off competition season "flying"-high!

Westtown Highlights: March 10-12

Despite this past weekend's competition being incredibly high stress and intense, our team persevered through thick and thin to take flight with out first competition of the season!

Bridgewater-Raritan Highlights 2018

We saw great success in our second competition, reaching all the way to the semi-finals with having vastly improved our autonomous efficiency!

Lehigh Prep 2018

Tensions skyrocket as our team prepares for the fateful Lehigh District Championship!