To Whom It May Concern,


As you may know, team 747 is a small but very successful High school robotics team. The team is run by 3 primary advisors/ mentors. We have about half dozen young mentors (college students that were once on the team) that help when they can. The success of the team is because of the above-mentioned people and the support of a great collection of sponsors as well as the community.


Last March we were notified 3 days before our first competition that the season was canceled due to the Coronavirus. To be honest, the kids were devastated. All the hard work and time they put in was for naught. We explained once again that robotics is not so much about the robot and more about life and that sometimes things, just don’t go your way. They somberly settled into the “New Normal”.We tried to keep things going from the beginning of the “Stay at Home” order, but unfortunately, the regulations prevented us from continuing.


As information trickled in from FIRST Robotics, we first found out that they were going to replay last year’s game in 2021.Now, as we understand it, 2020 robots will be reused, but the chances of a competitive season as we know it happening are very low. It is because of a collection of circumstances, including the COVID-19 pandemic as well as mentor burn out, that the decision has been made to permanently close FIRST Robotics Team 747, Flight Crew.

We will be eternally grateful for the support that we have been afforded over the years.
We wish all past and present members, supporters, sponsors and friends of Flight Crew the best of luck in whatever the future brings.Thanks,

FRC 747 Flight Crew Mentors/ Advisors